everything we do is about being a driver of meaningful work

If we love what we do, our work is the driver for happiness in every other aspect of life. But -- for far too many of us -- our work is the driver of anxiety and depression. It is the driver of declining overall health. It is the driver of the teardown of once great relationships inside and outside of the workplace. 

As our name CANVITA (Short for The Canvas of Life) suggests, we have a longterm mission around the creative potential around the future of work and are attacking this big WHY from a number of angles.

QC Survey - Create the Unimaginable

Our once per quarter Quantified Culture Survey helps great companies optimize the creative work environment around the science of optimum experience, creativity and the flow state of the mind.

Similar to how Quantified Self tools help improve our decisions with better information from key metrics ... this new assessment of an under-appreciated driver of company culture will highlight many of the best aspects of a growing organization while uncovering the often hidden drivers of staff turnover, office drama, stress and apathy.

There are many things beyond the free lunches and ping pong tables that drive the best companies to work for. In an increasing world of distractions, we love creating tools that get at the core of driving meaningful work - the core of the best places to work. That is the QC Survey is built to help your team focus and optimize their worlds around what they do best - to solve important problems and create the unimaginable.



The new end of day simple ritual for organizations with big inspiring missions. It is time to STOP staring at clocks and time to START measuring our crafts around the creative cycle & the team's sustained happiness.

How are we tracking day to day happiness at work? If our organization is dependent on innovation and creativity, are we measuring the best metrics? Are we optimizing creativity around the the science of optimum experience? Are we optimizing our daily rituals?

In a world of increasing distractions, we help drive focus on what matters.


Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Daniel Khaneman, Abraham Maslow, Viktor Frankl, Martin Seligman, Tal Ben-Shahar, Chip Conley, Tony Hsieh, Herb Kelleher, Richard Branson, Susan Cain, Brené Brown, Simon Sinek, Seth Godin and many, many more... Their work inspired the QC Survey & the WHY Chart key metrics and our own culture and business model at Canvita. 

Their work inspired our WHY.

Check out this post from our Co-Founder/CEO about the reasons to build our quantified culture tools after years of living in the gray areas of work and life himself. Those struggles and failures led to falling in love with the work of the many leaders on the science of optimum experience and sustained happiness at work.

We have a big WHY at Canvita, want to join us?

We don't have any specific openings right now but will be growing soon and always looking for great people that believe in the same things we believe in. When we are ready to add to the team, we will be looking for amazing writers, designers and engineers.

We are not fans of the résumé, so please don't send us a bullet point version of who you are. But we'd absolutely love to chat with you, say hi here

We believe in a distributed (remote) work model so your location won't matter. The more spread out and diverse our team, the better.

And of course, please check out our core values. They drive our WHY!

We understand how important this bar sign is. It is how the overwhelming majority feel at the end of the day. 

We understand how important this bar sign is. It is how the overwhelming majority feel at the end of the day. 

Our mission and our company's canvas extends beyond our culture boosting products - the QC Survey and the Daily WHY Chart. As students of the history and future of meaningful work, we look forward to sharing our blog - The Canvita Life - with you.

The blog started with essays from our Co-Founder/CEO but we look forward to expanding to include the research and essays from many more writers along with podcasts, news, book reviews, case studies and much, much more... all focused on the rapidly evolving post-workerbot era.

Studies show that due to automation, at least 50% of the jobs we know today will disappear over the next 20 years. This type of change has never been seen at this magnitude or at this type of speed. Not even during the great depression. Yes there is a lot of scary change. At Canvita, we want to keep the focus and discussion on the canvas of possibilities. The solutions.

We obviously don't have all the answers about where our economy and our work is headed --- we all are learning this new rapidly evolving game as we go. This is what we do know, the future of work is a blank canvas of possibilities.

We will explore the many topics related to the new era of work with the leading psychologists, scientists, engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, political leaders, community leaders, etc.

We will talk about the hidden struggles and explore the new paths that the most ambitious of entrepreneurs and artists are undertaking. We will talk about their innovation and the resulting opportunities that suddenly open up from that innovation. We will talk about the best companies and how they create amazing cultures around their artists. 

Yes, the bots are going to eat many - maybe even the majority - of the 'operate the system' jobs that we know today. We are determined to find the solutions during this transition. Why? 

Because -- at our core -- we are not workerbots. None of us are.